Welcome Friends

Let's make a commitment to ourselves this New Year. 

Most New Year Resolutions are related to improving one's health.

We've simplified health & wellness  for busy individuals. 

Come join us on our path to  self-care by educational wellness.

At A Glance

Natural Exercise


Your body is a complete gym.

Let us show you how to use it.

Natural Education


Efficient life lessons.

Let us teach you self-care.

Natural Health


Health & beauty are one.

Let us guide you to wellness.

About Us

The MB Program

Originally made by Dr Murad for her unwell mother. The body needs exercise on all days of life; in health, in sickness, busy or on vacation.

Our Mission

To empower everyone with an easy yet effective wellness tool called Daily Exercise, to transform their health form average to phenomenal.

Our Vision

For everyone  be able to enjoy the benefits of energy and vitality brought about by Daily Exercise, at any age and at any fitness level.

Why Natural Exercise

The human body is a complex machine and a  work of art. Learn to use your internal gym's

natural motion for health and harmony. 

I Don't Like to Exercise

Everyone loves a luxurious  and easy life. Then ever wonder why top models and actresses invest their time heavily into daily exercise.

Now Everyone Can Exercise

When in doubt, always use the natural way.

Our methods and techniques are proven to 

be safe and sound using the internal gym.

CEO / Founder


Dr. Marium Murad

A devoted medical professional dedicated to improving your wellness as she specializes in east/west,  traditional/cultural,  new/old techniques of healthy living, healing, aging and longevity; which she  learned living internationally with her husband, a petroleum executive. This broad spectrum of A to Z global remedies provides the robust foundation for her MB Program, which soars to extraordinary heights in a very short time. 

“Dr. Murad's work has worldwide recognition for her continuous commitment and dedication to making a difference in the daily life of the average person.” (Continental Who’s Who)




This program is for educational purposes only. Time and effort

 invested here to provide you with the best materials possible.